Serene Manor allows you to savor the serenity of the countryside and yet enjoy the comfort of fully upgraded bedrooms. All five rooms offer private adjoining bathrooms with a bath/shower. Furnishings and decor are impeccably presented with a distinct ambiance for each room. All bedrooms are fully air conditioned and heating is supplemented in each room by a welcoming gas fireplace.


Guests are invited to relax on the sweeping front porch or enjoy a quiet read on the Garden Terrace. Breakfast is served in the Great Room or the Conservatory and fresh produce is sourced from our farm.


All rooms reflect the owners love affair with the Lake District region of Cumbria, England and the names of each bedroom echo the resplendent beauty of a Cumbrian lake.



Bed and Breakfast Pricing

$195 per night (Friday - Saturday)

$175 per night (Sunday - Thursday)


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